Monday, 10 April 2017

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mother Board Of a Computer

As its name implies ,Mother board is the board on which all the components of computer are attached i.e The three Basic systems that are attached on mother board are:

(i)Processing Units i.e CPU,micro processors ,etc

(ii)Memory Units: i.e  RAM, ROM, Hard disk and other disk drives.

(iii)Power System,which provide power connections to all the components of the computer through motherboard etc.

Top best photo editing online sites

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Here is a screen shot,


Thursday, 7 May 2015

First Generation Computers.

First Generation Computers.

A Vacuum Tube

First generation computers were between the time period of  1946-1959.The first generation computers used vacuum tube technology for their various processes.The first generation computers were very large and require large storage areas for them .The invention of the vacuum tube

technology opened the gates for the development of electronic computers.The earlier electronic computers before the vacuum tubes used relays instead.Vacuum tubes were used as electronic switches and also for circuitry and magnetic drums for the memories..Vacuum tubes could work faster and were noiseless as compared to relays.

In 1943, a first generation computer ,Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator(ENIAC),was developed in the university of Pennsylvania. ENIAC contained nearly 18,000 tubes and consumed more the 150Kw of power.It was very big and weigh more the 30 tons. It could perform thousands of multiplications and hundred of additions per second.

The concept of the store program was given by Doctor Jjon Von Neumann.
This idea of  the storage was same as suggested by the Charles Babbage for his analytical engine.Stored program pointed out the way that how the computers will function in the future.

Short coming of First Generation:

-Very Big in size
-Slow in speed           
-Low reliability
-Large power consumption
-Difficult maintenance.
A First Generation Computer.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Mechanical Computing device

(i) Napier bones:

In 1964  John Napier invented logarithms and a device called Napier bones or rods.This device helped to multiply numbers and do various types of simple calculations.

This device is used for calculations  of products of quotients of numbers.This device is used manually and it used the system of Arab Mathematics.It can be used to perform multiplication of numbers from 2-9


Cylindrical form of Napier bones     

(ii) Slide Rule

The idea of logarithm by Napier bones soon gave birth to an other Mechanical calculating device called slide rule or also known as colloquially in US .This device is used for basic multiplications and divisions and other calculations such as logarithm root and also trigonometry .


A slide  rule consist of  two scales ;the Rule and the Slide.It also consist of a Transparent  moving piece of  piece of some material ,it is called  cursor.The cursor is highly capable to slide over the smooth surfaces called slide rule.

Although, its name is similar to a simple scale that is used to draw simple straight lines,But never be confused with it it is not that simple one.



                                                              A slide rule

Thursday, 30 April 2015

The History of Computers

Computers History:

The computers and machines we are using today are not developed at once.The computer has its various generations as,

(i)First Generation of Computer

(ii)Second Generation of Computer

(iii)Third Generation of Computer

(iv)Fourth Generation of Computer

(v)Fifth Generation of Computer.


First calculating device(Abacus):

One of  The simplest and the most earliest calculating device was abacus.Abacus was developed around 300BC. It  was  used to calculate numbers or for additions and subtractions of the numbers.A simple ABACUS is a simple rectangular wooden frame with several parallel wires  and a wire has a number of  beads .These beads are free to slide over the length of the wires vertically when doing additions,counting etc.Each wire of the ABACUS represent a digit.



Abacus was used before the  numbers systems were adopted by merchants,traders,people and sometimes by everyone.Today it is  a part of our museums.But still it is widely used in various parts of world like Asia,Africa,etc.But it is not very common in the world.

Introduction To Importance of Computer Science.

Introduction and Importance:

Computer has always been a powerful tool of calculating information and it is widely is used around the world more frequently and speedily as the time elapsed.
It has now also become the most powerful and amazing powerful medium of sharing information and knowledge around the world.It is also used for communication purposes now a days.Almost every one has a computer and there are millions of  users of computers .

In calculations,computer helps us to do large and tedious calculations in microseconds ,It is widely used by large organizations like banks,military organizations,hospitals,aerospace,research centers,factories as well as home computer users.

Computer Applications in life:

Computer Science education has become a part of the social life.Now-a-days nothing is complete without the help of computer in various applications and aspects of life .For example it is used in hospitals for patients record and many types of computers like patient's blood pressure, heart beat checking machines are widely used in good hospitals.Checking the health of  a critical patient continuously has become impossible without computers and it has removes the need of large number of nurses and doctors looking after a patient in an ICU or Operation theater .

Moral of This Discussion:

Hence,computer science education has become an important part in our daily life.Without computers,the today's world is nothing.But is doesn't  mean that other subjects have no value but instead they all are important in their own way!.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Centrifugal force:

don't be confused with this topic ,

Centripetal Force has come from Latin words (centrum means center and fugree means to flee) it is an outward seeking force.


It is the force that moves the body in the outward motion from its circular motion when moving in circle .This force is due to the property of the body called inertia.Centrifugal force is an outward force

 .Some scientists have explained some major concepts about the centrifugal force .

Major concepts:

I. Inertial force
II. Reaction force ,according to the newton 3rd law of motion.


The concepts of the centrifugal force is applied to the rotating or moving in circular path,bodies 
such as various machines working on the concept of  centrifugal force.
For example you have a washing machine dryer or cloths dryer at home .It also works on a principle of centrifugal force , motor in the dryer spin the clots at a very high speed that the water inside the wet clots get out through the holes on the body of the dryer , due  the the outward seeking centrifugal force,Thus washing dryers also works on a  principle of centrifugal force.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Centripetal Force

                            What is centripetal force:                                     


Generally centripetal force is that force that tends a body to move in a circle or curved path.
It can be defined as 

"The force that tends to move a body in circle is called centripetal force.


The center seeking force is called Centripetal force"


Centripetal force is that force that moves a body in circle .For example a stone tied at the end of the string When you move the string the stone tends to move in circle around its axis of rotation.This force is called centripetal force.or The center seeking force is called Centripetal force



Fc is the centripetal force acting on the body
m is the mass of the body
v is the velocity with it is moving
R  is the radius of the orbit.

For example the gravitational  field of earth provide the necessary centripetal force required by the satellites revolving around the earth. 


According to newton 3rd law there is an reaction to every force, the force opposite to the centripetal force is called Centrifugal Force.It acts opposite to the direction of centripetal force.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Make invisible Ink

Do you want to make a secret letter for someone,a map,a secret message,a secret picture,and so on.
So the question is how to write an invisible message,no doubt you will need an invisible ink that is invisible but appears when needed,I will tell you  how make one

Method 1:

Things you will need:

1. Some lemons.
2.A paint brush.
3.A bowl.
4 a paper to write

What to do:

1 Take the bowl and Squeeze the lemon juice in it.
2.Take the brush and dip it in the lemon juice.
3. Write with the lemon juice on the paper.
4.wait for it to dry and disappear
5.Now,when you want to the message to reappear heat it in front of a bulb or candle flame.

Viola! Your secret is ready.!!!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Make an electromagnetic nail at Home

Things You Will Need: iron nail
2.about 1 to 1 1/2 feet long copper wire
3. A new battery(The higher voltage the better it is)
4.Some iron made things e.g. paper clips.

What to do:

1.Take the nail and wrap the wire around the nail but leaving some of the part at the end.
The more you wrap the better it will be
2.Now peel the end of the wire at the both ends
4.Now place the two ends at the terminals of the battery.
5.Now place the paper clips at the end tip of the nail you will see that they will stick.

                               Enjoy your own electromagnet



Monday, 9 March 2015

Experiments with static electricity


Experiment 1:

What you will need:

2.Your hair or silk or warm  cloth near wall

What to do:

1.Take the balloon and rub it with your hair as quickly as possible.
2.make it closer to the wall will see that it sticks with the wall.

How it works:

*When you rub the balloon with your hair it produces static charge in the balloon which is a negative and when it get closer to the wall it sticks because the wall have + charge and the balloon- the two opposite charge attract each other resulting the balloon to stick.
For best results try on a cold day with less humidity.

Experiment no.2

What you need:

1.A plastic scale(or comb).
2.A piece of paper.
3.A scissor .

What to do:

1.Take the piece of paper and  tear in into small pieces with the scissor.
2.Place the small pieces of paper on a surface.
3.Now rub your scale with your hair for  10 to 15 sec.
4.Now take it closer to the pieces of paper on the surface.

You will see that the pager is trying to stick with the scale .Is it MagiC !!, but The answer is no.

What happened:

*When you rub the scale with your hair it produces static charge in the balloon which is a negative and when it get closer to the piece of paper it sticks because the paper  have + charge and the balloon- the two opposite charge attract each other resulting the balloon to stick.

Now you know that Opposite charges always Attract .

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Make helium baloon at home

Things you will need:

1. Baking soda
2.A plastic bottle(any)
4.two funnels

What to do:

1.Take the bottle and fill it 1/3 of vinegar with one funnel.
2.Now with the help of another funnel put 1/2 of balloon fill with baking soda.
3.Now put the balloon on the top  the bottle and let the baking soda go inside the bottle and mix with  the vinegar.

(Now bubbles will form and your balloon will start to inflate.)

4.When it is filled tie the balloon's mouth with the string.

Enjoy your balloon.

What happened:

When baking soda is mixed with the vinegar ,the reaction produces a gas (as by product) which fills in the balloon.



Friday, 6 March 2015

Make Slime with borax powder


Things you will need:

1.Half cup of craft glue
2.Some food coloring(any color).
3. Warm water.
4. 1 spoon full of borax powder.
5.Jar for prepration.

What to do:

1.Take one jar and mix borax powder with 1 cup
warm water.
2.Now take the second jar and mix 1/2 cup of warm water with 1/2 cup of glue.
3.Now add food colouring to this.
4.Now mix the two jars togather.
5.Let it set for few minutes.

Enjoy, Your own made slime is ready



Thursday, 5 March 2015

Make a simple lemon battery


Things you will need:

1. A penny
3.Zinc nail(you can find it on your local hardware store)
4.Copper wires(for connection)
5. A knife(optional)

What to do :

1.Take the lemon and make a cut  on one side
2. now take the zinc nail and poke it on the other              side of the lemon.
3.Connect the wires, one with the  penny and one with the iron nail.
4.connect the two wires to a low voltage device to power it.
Enjoy Free electricity


You can make this battery work better if,
*you can use a bigger lemon
*use a zinc plate instead of nail for larger surface area
*Join two or more then two lemons to get better voltage for your battery.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Make a Volcano at home


Things you will need:

1# Some mud or dust(you can also use clay or plaster)for the body of the volcano.

2#Some Baking soda.


4#Some dish washing soap.

5#Some food coloring (red or yellow will be better).

6# Card board (Optional)

What to do now:

1. find a place outside your house and clean up some dust.(You can also make in a card board.).

2. Put the jar down,and make volcano body around the jar.

3. Put 2  tablespoon of baking soda.

4. 1 spoon of dish soap

5.Add 5 drops of  food coloring .

Now make volcano live,

6# Add the vinegar about one ounce.Now watch your volcano erupting.

What Is Happening:

* By adding vinegar to the mixture of baking soda and other substances ,the reaction caused by this, produces  various gases like carbon dioxide,etc. The mixture of  baking soda and vinegar produces gases and the washing soap help to produce bubbles for your volcano.
This is how your volcano is produced.

Try yourself,

Will your volcano work better if: 

* Some thing is more added to this to make this lava real.

*Does the volcano erupts faster if the shape of volcano is changed.

* By increasing the amount of substances and the size of volcano.


                                                      Happy playing with volcano

*                                                                                                                                                              *

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Build a Hover Craft From Balloon



                          Build a Hover Craft From Balloon


Things You Will Need:

*A balloon
*An old Cd
*Hot Glue or epoxy
*A water bottle cap(any which works well)

What To Do Now:

* Get The bottle cap and poke a  medium size hole in the center.

*Now,get the CD and at the top of  its center hole fix the cap 
of the water bottle at the center hole of the CD.

*Fix it with hot glue to keep it airtight.

*Now wrap the balloon's end at the top of the cap.

*Your hover craft balloon is almost ready,
Blow it up from the bottom and leave it on the surface,
and u are ready to go.

What Is Happening:

*The flow of air created by the balloon between the surface and the CD make the friction
less applicable to the surface.And the balloon floats easily over a smooth surface.

Try yourself:


*Will the Hower craft will work better if,

*If u use a big surface area instead of Cd

*If u use a big balloon.

*will a helium balloon will work better then this air filled balloon.



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